Monday, October 4, 2010

Well... I have a bad knee!

This is just another interesting TED post.  I suffered a knee injury when I was 19 and was promised a 100% recovery after the reconstructive surgery.  I still today, 5 years later have trouble using the leg at all.  This is medical field based, however I still find interest in the technological advancements that shape our lives today.  This idea of bio medics is such a strange but good example how humans have the ability to completely morph nature to our needs.  Im not sure how I feel about it but it would be nice to run again.

An Intertaining Lecture at the Most or Least

This lecture by James Kunstler is with no doubt presented with passion to spark some interest, the content has been a hot topic for some time, and there are some points of interest being made.  The video is a couple of years old now but still I feel like the topic needs to be pushed more.  The familiar proposal is a risk of being the already attempted placement of European city plans into American Drossapes.  Kunstler's personality and presentation abilities how ever are worth a laugh and keep your attention.