Peter Zumthor, Kunsthas

These are some images I collected of Zumthor's Kunsthas in Bregenz. 
During my visit I was amazed at the buildings ability to fit into its surrounding context and fulfill its programmatic needs yet provide its own experiential quality.  The architectural experiences of museums is often a point of critique because of the artists fear of their work falling secondary to the architecture itself.  Zumthor was able to form spaces that glorify the art with in and allow people to have an intimate connection with the entire space, opening them to the messages of the art work.  It can not go without note that the lighting quality and use of skins is an incredible process within the buildings experience, where the architects theory, the buildings construction, and material qualities can be felt.  That is exactly why I value his architecture, he makes architecture that you can "feel".  His construction is perceived in more than just a physical manner, it touches your memory and soul.